Best Foods to Try During Your Asian Trip

Are you planning a solo trip to Asia for your next holiday? If you are, you should not skip these following Asian foods from your culinary agenda.

#1. Xiaolongbao – Shanghai Soup Dumpling

This Shanghai soup dumpling is very popular and you can find them almost everywhere in China. Not only cheap but this dish is also filling. For one portion, you only need to spend about $2 and it consists of 12 small dumplings per serve.

#2. Khorkhog – the Mongolian Barbeque

If you are planning a Mongolian trip during your Asian tour, you should taste Khorkhog. This is a Mongolian barbeque that uses lamb as the main materials. The lamb will be cooked along with potatoes, onions, and carrots in a pot over an open fire. To foster the cooking process, there will be smooth stones put in the container. This water-mouthed dish is very popular in Mongolia.

#3. Ginger/ Tomato Salad, Burma

 If you are kind of people that all salads are just the same, then you are wrong. This Burmese salad is really delicious with a unique taste. The salad contains a selection of vegetables and nuts that covered with oil. This dish also made excellent dressing and fresh ingredients. Not only delicious but it is also healthy.